Techvigo deals in the software market that supports business operations. We create specialised software for our customers for manufacturing and support of the software production processes, such as the software for creating portal sites or discount generators. On request of our clients we have also made an integrated tool for optimisation of the document circulation and of corporate dealings. The tool integrated and coordinated functioning of many independent systems within the corporation.

Techvigo deals in the production of software for specialistic building and transportation equipment. We have written and modernised the software for operating crane equipment, such as port cranes. The software was integrated with the logistic port system, including the storage system.

System and interactive maps for industrial drone navigation in Poland

In a globalized world, increasing mobility
creates a need for secure travel documents which adapt to new security threats.
New ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards and transition
from conventional to ePassports is in progress for over a decade – presenting
new challenges to government agencies.

Techvigo’s ePassports comply with ICAO
guidelines (Doc 9303) and protect the citizen’s privacy by securing biometric and
demographic data. The electronic documents contain encrypted data stored on a
chip. This allows the automated, secure and fast processing of passengers
crossing borders.

Techvigo offers a wide portfolio of ePassports
and corresponding components – meeting a wide range of government agencies’
needs. Including: complete ePassport documents as well as electronic components
such as inlays or data pages with integrated electronic components.

Techvigo’s ePassports are equipped with trusted
solutions for registration, issuance and verification of documents. 

Based on the E-Passport software, Techvigo has prepared a system for issuing school e-ID cards for  students and identification documents for other institutions.

The electronic document contain encrypted data on the chip. This enables automated, secure and fast processing of data of persons using such a document. The document can be freely graphically personalized by its exhibitor. We are working on a special application for mobile devices that will allow you to leave the document at home to prevent it from being lost.

Techvigo has cooperated with its partners from the Asian market in writing and developing the specialistic software for protecting IT devices and the data they contain. Thanks to the collaboration we have gained knowledge which proved useful in writing the software known as Cyber Security Software.

Key product lines developed by the company

WebDominator CMS – an e-commerce platform for online sale of tour offers by Polish and international companies that offer tourism products and services.

TourDesk CRM – an integrated management system for travel agents and touroperators. A multi-platform whose features support and automate sales, marketing and financial processes.

Consulting – consulting focusing on the tourism sector, offering assistance in the selection of appropriate technology, features, efficiency and hardware. A team of highly qualified specialists, skilled in solving complicated business issues.

Navigo – a software brand used e.g. in car navigation systems, tourist information systems, vehicle monitoring, LBS (Location Based Services) systems and online map websites.


Customer data administration system, featuring the settlement of customer payments, printing contracts and support for preparation of optimal offers.

The users of the TourDesk CRM system confirm an average sales increase by 19%


Our offer also includes tourism websites customised for access from various mobile devices, including mobile phones, smartphones and palmtops. Such websites feature customised graphic design and usually complement regular websites


Customised website designs, based on the latest solutions, tailored to the client’s needs.

Based on the proprietary WebDominator CMS system

Tourism Websites

Our offer includes tourism websites based on a graphic template selected from our offer. We are also ready to develop a customised tourism website for the most discerning clients.

Pulse MonitorPulse Monitor is a system that allows monitoring the heartbeat of patrons during fitness club and indoor cycling activities. The instructor can see the current data for each of the fitness-club goers. This enables adjusting the work-out intensity to the individual lung or heart performance or fatigue level.

The test results are displayed on a screen. The training screen can also be displayed on a large LCD TV set connected to a PC via a VGA or HDMI port.

It can be combined with a new marketable feature, e.g. a modern and convenient tool for registration and authorization of participants and attendees using QR codes. Irreplaceable for organization of conferences, meetings and trainings.

The application of QR codes is limited only by our imagination.
Since almost all smartphones are equipped with a camera and allow for installation of simple code reader application, QR codes offer a great range of possibilities.

System for "direct communication with a tourist agent"

The program for “direct communication with a tourist agent" complements the Agent Zone feature. It was designed to facilitate work and improve the performance of agents and travel agencies cooperating with large tour operators.

The system for “direct communication with a tourist agent" enables quick and easy access to the latest promotions, last minute offers and website advertisements directly from the Agent’s desktop, without the need to browse the Tour Operator’s website. The program may be reduced to a small icon in the system toolbar, thus it does not interfere with other applications, but it enables direct and immediate access to the latest offers, last minute and air ticket reservations provided by the chosen Tour Operator.

Lite website - Your tourism website integrated with the Merlinx search engine

Your company can have a state-of-the-art website quickly and easily, with hundreds of thousands of offers available to check their availability online!


  • A CMS system allowing content updates by the users themselves
  • The Merlin.X search engine
  • Check the tour availability online for offers in the Merlin.X search engine
  • Optional integration with other external systems (such as plane tickets, bus tickets, car rentals etc.)
  • Send a news bulletin to registered users
  • Visitor statistics
  • Fast launch time (even below 7 business days from the signing of the contract in case of a template-based design)
  • Server and administration services
  • Telephone, remote and email support
  • Free system updates

ATTENTION: New templates! New prices!

Tourism Website - WebDominator CMS

A multi-platform that allows building a complete e-commerce solution offering tourism products and services from search for offers to online transaction.

Key features and components of the system:

  • Search engine for offers, optional search engine customisation
  • Import datafrom tourism product and services data aggregation systems such as tour operators, airlines, car rentals, insurance companies, weather websites
  • MAdd your own offers to the catalogue – the offers will be aggregated in one search engine and searchable together with the other offers imported from external systems
  • OOptional integration with the TourDesk CRM system
  • Intuitive administration of all subpage content via a panel accessible from a search engine window
  • Promotional offer configuration tool allowing setting up promotional offers according to the available criteria. e.g. for selected

"Parental control software" with a clever and camouflaged configuration installed on a kid's smartphone.

This software enables unlimited remote control capabilities of a smartphone on which it is installed. The most important functions include: geolocation using built-in GPS, video and audio recording activation at any time, sending text messages from the smartphone, monitoring of voice connections, browsed websites, sent and received MMS and SMS messages. The software provides the possibility of setting any function in the smartphone.


ACTIVEBOX TOUCH – Interactive marketing tool for creating touch presentations in pubs, restaurants, car showrooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, dental clinics, etc. and enabling interactive communication with customers. Activebox includes ready-made stands and media banners as well as software that may be connected to LCD screens or plasma TV sets.

ACTIVEBOX SOCIAL – WiFi network sourcing new clients. The ActiveBOX SOCIAL module is based on a router providing access to a wired or wireless Internet through the local network (using access point devices).

ACTIVEBOX HOTEL – hotel TV network system ActiveBOX HOTEL is a program that enables an ordinary hotel TV set to be used as a visual communication tool. ActiveBOX HOTEL allows hotel managers to create customised advertising spots displayed at a given time, and to design personalised and tailor-made visual notifications.