Why Navigo?

There are many solutions that simply navigate you to your destination with graphic and voice commands. But if you need something more – a partner in travel, almost a passenger who always knows how to get there, what’s on the way, where to eat, where to spend the night and what to see – choose NAVIGO.

  • NAVIGO means real location of addresses.
    We don’t use interpolation! The map used in NAVIGO contains very precisely located address points, representing the centre of the building with the given address. We do not interpolate addresses between blocks of streets. If number 30 is next to one block, and number 50 by the next one, does it mean that number 40 is always in the middle? Certainly not! The difference between the real location of an address, as in NAVIGO, and an interpolated one – as in many solutions of the competition – may be a few hundred metres! Check before you make a purchase, if “You’ve reached your destination" will mean that you’re directly in front of the door, as in real address numbers, or just somewhere near as in the case of interpolation of number ranges…
  • NAVIGO offers unique content of tourist maps
    The basic map of Poland may be enhanced with tourist routes, contours, lake bathymetry and parks. Additional content is currently available for the following regions:
    – Tatra Mountains National Park
    – Bieszczady Mountains
    – Karkonosze Mountains
    – Silesian and Żywiec Beskids
    – Masurian Lake District
    – Suwałki Region
    – vicinities of Warsaw
    – vicinities of Łódź
    – Tuchola Forest and Kociewie
    – Baltic Coast

High-quality maps, backed up with 80 years of tradition and experience of PPWK, a map publisher of Copernicus brand, represent a unique value of NAVIGO navigation. Reputation and experience take years to build up. We have been collecting and processing data for years; in the earlier days with traditional methods, now we use GIS geodatabases. Thanks to our long-standing tradition, our processes are well organized.

NAVIGO specializes in maps of Poland
We are all about the quality of information. The large quantity of data has enabled us to specialize in the territory of our country. Tens of thousands of POIs, detailed information – opening hours, accepted forms of payment, examples of prices – all this information is available in NAVIGO only. Tourist trips, places worth seeing and voice tourist information – are all the end result of our specialization. We know the places behind our data and our maps. We know Poland like the back of our hand and maps of Poland are our speciality. Ask our competition what map of Poland they have and how many users, and then think of the 5 million satisfied users of COPERNICUS maps…

NAVIGO is packed with trips ready to be navigated
Have you ever wondered where to go for a weekend trip? What to see in Masuria when there’s no wind? What to see around when it’s too hot on the beach? Don’t waste any more time surfing the net, use the ready NAVIGO trips. Each trip contains more than ten tourist attractions connected into a route, along with a direction to follow. NAVIGO will lead you through all the spots on the trip, and it will let you know by way of a voice communication that you have reached a “Trip spot". NAVIGO will also give you the time at which you will reach the end of the trip and distance to destination. A short text description of each tourist attraction is also available directly in NAVIGO. You may start the trip at any place – the software will navigate you to the first spot of the trip, and if you decide to start halfway through it, the initial spots will be omitted. Only NAVIGO offers such cool trips. Ask our competition about ideas for your free time close to home – in Masuria, Pomerania, Sudeten Mountains and other regions of our country!

NAVIGO means you may use your own voice commands
Do you ever comment on the voice tips given by the navigation? “Yeah, yeah, I know I have to turn left." With NAVIGO, you can take this a step further, because navigating can be great fun! You can record your own communications and voice commands and use them as the NAVIGO voice. Personalize your NAVIGO to make it speak with the voice of someone you love! Upload your own commands and get on the road!

Just two taps to set the navigation destination.
NAVIGO is both very easy and outstandingly functional. Just set the destination and this interactive navigation will take you there. First time here and you need to get back home? Choose NAVIGATE HOME. You are in meeting with a new client, made it here quickly but now don’t know your way back to the office? Choose NAVIGATE WORK. You’ve used this address before? Don’t do it again, choose NAVIGATE RECENT. You have this address on the list of Your Places? Choose NAVIGATE YOUR PLACES. Check how far along the road you’ll be before you can even set out with our competition.

NAVIGO means shared goals
Unique software functions – importing and exporting Your Places means that you can swap locations with other users of our navigation. You collect Your Places, because they make up your world. Parents, brother, uncle, friends – if you want to share your locations, all you have to do is export them, send, and import onto another navigator. You can also collect other Your Places – locations of boulders on a lake, money changers, spots where you filled your basket with mushrooms – just export, send and import them to share these locations with another user!

NAVIGO is complete navigation
Navigation so good that you no longer have to look at the screen before each manoeuvre. You could just listen, but we know you will keep glancing at the map because … it’s just that pretty. Unique technology of manoeuvres such as “keep to the left", “take a sharp turn right" or “third exit from the roundabout" ensures comfort of navigation. See if you can lose yourself in listening to our navigation.