Navigo maps

Ensuring that our data is up to date is a fundamental mission of NAVIGO. That’s why we continuously update our data. It is acquired through a network of field coordinators in collaboration with geodetic offices, who collect data directly in the field. While in the field, we use specialized applications based on using GPS to register the course of roads, introducing POIs and addresses.

All the addresses are verified in the field, which means that our coordinators have visited each of the addresses before it found its way to our databases. In the next production stage, data collected in the field are processed into digital form. Finally, it appears in our new products or as updates to be downloaded from our service. We do not collect number ranges between intersections to interpolate the address location in the software. We find the location of each address, which then represents a spot that is the geometrical centre of a building in the software. Therefore, we can say with full confidence that we navigate right to the door.

We also use satellite and aerial photos, as well as geodetic maps to collect data. Above all, however, we use GPS measurements taken directly in the field. We also cooperate with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, who use our solutions as well. Each user of NAVIGO products can report an error in data back to us, and we will fix it upon verification in the field done by out network of data acquisition coordinators. The comfort of each NAVIGO user is important to us.