Navigo Navigation

Tourism content: Mapa A map of Poland featuring tourism content from Copernicus tourist guides. The app features extra information such as mountain contour lines or bathymetry data for Masurian lakes. In other words, you just need to take out a nav device and start your trek along a tourist route.

Road guides: In-depth and latest information on restaurants, accommodation and tourist attractions: opening hours, accepted payment forms, sample prices, parking availability and many other information!

Tourist trips: Pre-made tourist trips – having a good time without getting lost. Wondering how to spend the next extended weekend? Navigo offers ready solutions for your nav device.

Door-to-door navigation: Real-world address locations for accurate door-to-door navigation. We do not interpolate street addresses – each address is the centre of the relevant building. Voice commands, graphic commands, 2D/3D map and a navigation panel with all the information needed to reach the destination.



Navigation to the selected destination: pedestrian route, car route, quickest or closest route
Navigation to predefined home or work location, to the selected address, to last selected address, map point, user’s location, PoI, intersection, nearby object. Pedestrian, closest or fastest route. Navigate to your home in two screen touches: NAVIGATE ->HOME. When navigating, the map scale is adjusted to the vehicle speed: a large and detailed scale at low speeds and a general view at high. When you leave the selected route, a new route is recalculated.
Voice messages and visual messages directly on the map and on the panel below the map.
Navigate with the help of male or female voice messages. The possibility to use own voice messages and play with the nav device. The software also features visual cues for the incoming manoeuvres on the map and in the navigation panel next to the map. Navigate in one of three display modes: full-screen map only, map plus navigation panel or full-screen cues without map.
Detailed information on travel facilities: accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions
Hungry? Looking for interesting places along the route? Late and looking for a place to sleep? Instead of browsing the Internet, you can find in-depth information in NAVIGO guides. Cuisine types, accepted payment forms, sample menu prices, number of rooms and parking availability – you can find all such information during navigation.


Locate your current GPS position
You can track your GPS position without specifying a route. In the positioning mode, the map rotates along with the vehicle’s direction and pans so that the vehicle’s location is always visible on the map: as an arrow when moving or as a dot and a circle when stationary.
Possibility to save and restore a GPS route
Want to save your route? Did you find a cool route and want to share it with your friends? Navigo lets you save and restore a GPS route. If you enter a destination compatible with a stored route when replaying a file, you will get a travel simulation along with voice and visual messages.

Route planning

Route planning with mid-route locations
You can plan a route with up to 15 mid-route locations. You do not have to enter the start point as your GPS position is added automatically as the start. The voice message “You have arrived at a mid-route location" will tell you that you have arrived at each location.
Saving routes
You can save and restore routes, change the order of route locations and see them on the map. You can also review a route before you start your journey.
Searching for objects mid-route
When navigating a planned route, you can search for objects in a selected category or chain located ahead on your route. You can define the search distance from your route.Choose the ‘ATM’ category and the name of the ATM chain if you seek a no-commission ATM along the route.
Pre-made trips
Each trip features a dozen or so tourist attractions along a route and a direction. NAVIGO will guide you through the locations and announce the arrival at each location with a voice message ‘Trip location’ and an appropriate visual message. Each location features a short description.

Other functions

Add user’s locations
You can add your own locations as Your Places in NAVIGO.
You can add locations to the following categories: Home, Work, My Places, Friends & Family, Work Contacts. You can set any of Your Places as a nav destination with two screen touches! You can also export and import Your Place categories to share Your Places with other NAVIGO users.
Save locations, report locations for update
In NAVIGO, you can save an interesting location that you have just passed by without leaving the navigation app. You can also report a map error by saving a location, providing a short description of the bug and sending us an exported category of Your Places – Map Error. You can have an impact on the accuracy of our maps. Report a location to update.
Large and easy to use touch buttons
The large and easy to use touch buttons enable true full-touch and stylus-free controls. An easy to use menu and ergonomic interface warrant efficient navigation.


  • CPU 400Mhz
  • Operating system: Windows Mobile 6.0 or later compatible or Windows CE(4.2-6.0)
  • Available RAM: 30MB
  • Free disc space: 200 MB for PL map
  • GPS receiver
  • Internal GSM module

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