Digital maps

We have more than 80 years of experience in gathering, processing and updating data. We enjoy the trust of millions of map users. We can proudly say that nearly anyone has used a map published under the PPWK or COPERNICUS brand.

Our data is available in the standard used by popular GIS systems: ArcGIS, MapInfo, Geomedia (and others) or as an online app or an ActiveX component. You can watch our data on the Google Maps at or on the Panorama Firm at The latest versions of our data can be accessed with the use of Navigo car navigation systems.

Our data is used by:
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Electricity utility companies
  • Municipal and information websites
  • The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways
  • Provincial Road Directorates
  • The tourism sector
  • The distribution sector
  • The transportation sector
  • Marketing and geomarketing
  • Tourism organisations
  • Physical security companies
  • Crisis management
  • The environmental protection sector